Transfer to Koh Chang

On this page you will find all the information needed to get to Koh Chang and Sabaidee Resort.

The most convenient way to come to Sabaidee Resort in Koh Chang from Suvarnabhumi Airport is by using this form below.
Note : we take no commission on this transfer.


From Bangkok to Koh Chang by Private Transfer (car / minibus)

Contact us if you want we organise this for you.

From Bangkok to Koh Chang Pier by Public Bus … 7 hours / ~300 THB.

This is the cheapest way to get to Koh chang. Also the longest. Also the funniest.

  • The 999 Bus – From Ekkamai / Morchit to Koh Chang Pier (250 THB).

The best option is at Ekkamai Bus Station, the “999 Bus” with 2 daily departures at 7:45 AM and 9:00 AM. The bus also get passengers at Suvaranbhumi Airport Bus Terminal at 8:20 AM and 9:45 AM.

  • Public Bus From Ekkamai to Trat, and taxi from Trat to Koh Chang pier

Other public buses depart everyday from Bangkok Ekkamai Bus Station amd Morchit Bus Station. The departures from Ekkamai are from very early in the morning every hours all day long. Then you will have to take a taxi at the stop of the bus in Trat (outside the city). Count between 30 and 80 THB per person (the price can go up when the taxi is not full). They can also propose you a ticket with the price of the ferry ticket included (which is 80 Baht).

From Koh Chang Pier to Sabaidee Resort … 1h30 / 80+70 THB

  • Once you arrived to Koh Chang Pier, if you decided to organize the trip by yourself you will need to buy a ferry ticket, which is 80 THB / person. The trip to Koh Chang island will last a little bit less than 1 hours and will cost you 80 THB.
  • After the ferry, a lot of taxis will wait for passengers. Take any taxi, come onboard, and wait for the taxi driver to come to ask you your destination. You will have to tell him you go to “Sabaidee Resort” in “Klong Prao” (the name of the village). If the taxi driver doesn’t know where is Sabaidee Resort, you can tell him that it’s just near “Blue Lagoon Resort” – our direct neighbor. You can also give him our telephone number.