Koh Chang Activities

Driving around

The best way to discover the island is to rent a motorbike and to drive around. From Bang Bao in the south to the East Coast of Koh Chang, You could spend days to drive around Koh Chang. A drive from Sabaidee Resort to the East Coast or Bang Bao / Klong Koi for example can occupy a whole day. If you drive carefully and if you avoid driving when it’s raining the roads are safe. However its highly not recommended that you drive for the first time in Koh Chang.

The price for rent a motorbike with us is 200 THB / Day. We can discount the price if you rent a motorbike for a long period (1 week and more).



Sabaidee Resort is only 200m from the biggest sandy beach of Koh Chang. But there are many other beaches to discover on the island. Basically, every village on the west coast has its own sandy beach, with many different styles and atmospheres. The East Coast has also some very nice beaches.



Koh Chang has many waterfalls (seven waterfalls, actually). The most famous is Klong Pu Waterfall, 2 km from Sabaidee Resort. Perfect for cool down a hot day, with a large swimming pool and some space to relax. There is an entrance fee to the National Park of Koh Chang of 200 THB, for a ticket valid for a day. The waterfall closes at 5 PM.

The waterfall is dry during the last month of the high season (Feb/Mar), due to lack of rains.


Kayaking to the near-by islands.

On Klong Prao Beach you will find kayaks to rent. With a 45 minutes ride you will be on the nearest islands (Koh Man Nai is the nearest one). Turn around and watch Koh Chang – amazing views !


Jungle Trekking

If you are not afraid by a walk in the jungle, treks are organised by official guides everyday. From 3 hours to 8 hours, many different treks. Definitely the best way to get to the best points of view of the island and to discover the true essence of Koh Chang : its secular tropical jungle.



Just open your eyes : tropical wild life is luxurious in Koh Chang ! If you are an amateur photographer, you will have a good time 🙂

Get a look at this website to catch a glimpse of the life diversity of the island :  Koh Chang Nature – “a collaborative project to identify and monitor the land and marine wildlife of Koh Chang Island in Trat province in Eastern Thailand”.



You have many SPA and wellness center in Koh Chang, you can have a look at this page to get an overview : the top 10 SPA and wellness centers of Koh Chang



You have many YOGA retreats in Koh chang but if you just want to attend some classes you will easilly find classes or even private teachers. Just near Sabaidee Resort, the Blue Lagoon Resort often organise YOGA group classes on the lagoon, ususally early in the morning (7 AM or 8 AM) or at the sunset (around 5 PM) – more details on this page : Yoga, Blue Lagoon
You can find more details about other Yoga classes in Koh Chang on this page.




Massage is a big part of the Thai culture and some massage experts have a great deal of skills. In Koh Chang, as everywhere in Thailand, you will find a lot (A LOT !) of massage salons, with good and bad professional masseurs and masseuses. If you are adventurous, you can try a lot of different massage salons until you find the perfect professional – all massages are different so it’s difficult to compare.

However, just near Sabaidee Resort (on the main road, 300m from here) you have a massage salon called “Noy Massage”, and the boss – called “Noy” – is very talented and professional. It’s my personal recommendation and I always go to see her when I want or need a good massage ! If you want to try it, just ask us and we will show you the location.

Another reputable massage salon near Sabaidee Resort is “Sima Massage”.

If you want to learn how to massage “Thai Style” you can also subscribe to a some classes – there some official massage teachers on the island.


fishing trip

You will find a few fishing trip providers in Koh Chang. The most famous is “Sea Hunter Tour” in Bang Bao, organising day and night fishing trips. More information on this page on ExploreKohChang.


kayak, sup, etc.

You have a lot of interesting Kayak trips to do around (and inside) Koh Chang and it’s definitely a good way to discover the island. Basically you will find kayak (and SUP – Stand-Up Paddles) on every beaches of the island. Some companies provide organised tours. Or you can simply rent a Kayak for a few hours and go by yourself.

Some more information :



Although the beaches of Koh Chang are not popular for snorkeling, there are very beautiful spots around the archipelago and snorkeling tours is one of the best activity in Koh Chang. There are many different snorkeling trips to enjoy. From half a day organised tours to full day trips on private boats.

More information :


scuba diving

There are a few popular and SERIOUS diving schools and centers in Koh Chang, with a very active diving scene. The most popular school is BB Divers.

Find full information below :



Sailing is a increasingly popular activity in Koh Chang. There a few sailing centers / schools in Koh Chang.

Some more information :



mountain bike

Basic, simple : rent a mountain bike and go riding around. From Sabaidee Resort you have a 12 km flat road to the south and to the north, from white Sand to Kai Bae. After that : mountains. Have fun. You can find mountain bikes from 50 to 150 THB a day. We have mountains bikes to rent for 50 THB a day.


sports : tennis, volley, etc.

There are some sports grounds in Koh Chang, where you can play various sports with other visitors or friends. the most popular sport in Koh Chang is Volley Ball / Beach Volley.

Just near Sabaidee Resort there is a resort with many volley grounds opening next October (2018). There is also a tennis court 300m from Sabaidee Resort. Everyday on a plain field 2km from Sabaidee Resort many people play soccer, you can just go and join the game.



There is a famous Tree Top Adventure park in the south of the island. Get full information directly on their website : Tree Top Adventure Park Koh Chang



A fun activity for a fun day is to take some Thai cooking classes. Good news : two of the most popular Thai Cooking Schools of Koh Chang are just near Sabaidee Resort :



Koh Chang has a few very beautiful Buddhist Temples. The biggest of the island (Wat Klong Prao) is 500m from Sabaidee Resort. They are free and open to visit.


Thai boxing

Although Koh Chang is not (yet) a popular  place in Thailand for practicing Thai Boxing, there are a few Boxing Centers and teachers in Koh Chang. the most famous is in the south of the island : Koh Chang Thai Boxing Camp




There are more than 200 restaurants in Koh Chang.Just near Sabaidee Resort you will find 5 or 6 very good restaurants. Here is a short selection :

  • Kati Culinary
  • Blue Lagoon Restaurant
  • Ton Sai
  • Napoli Paris Italian restaurant

Have a look at a full list on Trip Advisor



There is a handful of places where you can rent and ride an ATV in Koh Chang. There is a center 500m from Sabaidee Resort.

More information on this link : See the jungle by ATV on Koh Chang



Want to shoot with some big guns and riffles ? There is a licenced center in Koh Chang. Have a look at this page for more information : Koh Chang Shooting Range



Good activity for family or group of friends. Just 300m from Sabaidee Resort on the main road.

More information : Family Friendly Bows & Arrows at KC Archery



There are fitness Centers in every village of Koh Chang. 1km from Sabaidee Resort you will find a brand new fitness center with good equipment : Dolphin Fitness